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“Dr. Christina Rahm is a bright light, a force of determination and courage, sharing her healing journey. Cure The Causes explains the necessary steps for healing to occur in an easy to understand way. Dr. Rahm explains that you are in control of your health. You will learn how cellular detoxification puts you on the track to good health. Cure The Causes is a must-have book to understand the path to healing.”

Dr. Dori Naerbo, Ph.D.

“I hereby congratulate Dr. Christina Rahm for a comprehensive book that allows both the reader who has medical knowledge and the one who does not have it to learn about the role of body toxicity in the development of the diseases and how important a personalized detox plan followed by a personalized maintenance food strategy is in maintaining health. A truly eye-opening and inspirational book, written to help to change this world for the better.”

Tina Bozicnik, MD

“My friend, Christina Rahm, or rather Dr. Christina Rahm, as she is professionally known, is absolutely brilliant. I would recognize this perspective more than most as we have been close friends since elementary school. Christina is remarkably intelligent with a whirlwind of resolve as she has overcome much in her life including multiple cancer diagnoses and personal trauma. I have listened to her discuss the importance of needing to ‘Cure the Cause’ for many years. I too have undergone health-related consequences due to a diagnosis of breast cancer and hospital-acquired infections. I have learned so much from Christina on the importance of detoxification to support healing; I hope you will too.”

Lisa Crites

“We never forget how it felt like to meet Dr. Christina Rahm for the first time. It was like in a center of a Hurricane, when you can see the endless energy all around you but In the middle of it it is just smart, and calm wholeheartedness. She is an absolutely devoted professional, pro-life activist, and a great doctor who would be always there for you. Knowledge and perseverance, that is her as well, and of course a great author, so congratulations on her new book!“

Dr. Norbert Ketskes M.D.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Christina Rahm on a personal and professional level for the last several years. She has a special gift that she has shared around the world, while at the same time be an amazing mother to her four beautiful children. While her ivy league education and knowledge in her field are impressive, it’s her heart to help others that I have come to admire. Her healing energy, depth of knowledge, and desire to help others heal, draws people to her wherever she goes. I believe Dr. Christina is a modern-day alchemist and this book will be life-changing to so many who are in need of healing and optimal health.”

Joy Smallwood